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Volatile Markets: Can You Protect Yourself?!

It’s easier than you think 2018 was the worst year for stocks since 2008 but even more worrisome was the volatility we experienced. The Dow swung 1,000 points in one single session alone! This has happened only eight times in its history and five of those took place in 2018.* The good news is the Dow Jones had […]

Anna Kendrick’s important message after her hospitalization

If you enjoyed watching Pitch Perfect (1,2 and 3), you’d recognize the name Anna Kendrick – the musically gifted star of these movies. Recently, Anna experienced several extremely painful episodes, it turns out, from kidney stones. She admitted to trying to work through the pain, hoping everything would subside and she wouldn’t have to miss time from […]

Marijuana in the Workplace:

What Employers and Employees Need to Know       This article was originally published in the August 2018 issue of HR Professional Magazine. Once recreational marijuana becomes legal this October, a major increase in marijuana consumption is expected. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, 22 per cent of Canadian adults currently consume recreational marijuana, at […]

Taxes Done? Next Step!

Ten Key Documents You Need to Organize For your Family     Last year my 57-year-old neighbor died after a long battle with cancer. He left his wife, 5 kids, and 2 grandchildren. The last year of his life was spent visiting doctors and undergoing experimental treatments. Though this was a difficult time for all, it gave […]

Are Your Workplace Benefits Taxable?

    As we approach our April tax deadline each year I often get asked which workplace benefits are taxable and which are not. If your T4 slip shows employment income (Box 14) higher than the wages you earned for the year, you received taxable benefits from your employer and you must pay the taxes […]

Know Anyone Dealing With A Health Crisis?

How to talk to someone who is sick or dying My mother-in-law Esther was diagnosed with lung cancer 20 years ago. She didn’t tell anyone aside from the immediate family; her best friends had no idea she was sick until two months before she died. Why? She didn’t want to have to answer questions, give […]